Martin V. Pusic, MD, PhD, FRCP(C)

Director, Division of Learning Analytics, Institute for Innovation in Medical Education, NYU School of Medicine.
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, NYU School of Medicine

A practicing Pediatric Emergency physician, Dr. Pusic also has expertise in human cognition as it pertains to education metrics, health informatics and the longitudinal assessment of clinical skills. These disparate areas of inquiry come together in the development of cognitive simulations for clinical trainees. Dr. Pusic developed computer tutorials for medical students and subsequently carried out multiple randomized trials of the tutorials looking to improve medical student learning in outpatient settings. More recently, he has explored how physicians learn to make diagnoses and decisions. Using radiograph interpretation as a model, and drawing on Signal Detection Theory, Item Response Theory and the principles of Deliberate Practice, he has conducted and collaborated on a series of studies showing that serial practice can be optimized in ways unique to the practice of medicine. The balancing of sensitivity and specificity in making routine decisions, and the inter-practitioner variability in this balance, is a profoundly important theme as medicine looks for ways to use resources wisely while continuing to maintain optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. Pusic’s core areas of expertise include educational informatics, student and resident assessment, meta-cognition, and statistical modelling of learning. His most recent research focuses on statistical modelling and prediction of learning trajectories. The research has as its foundation the predictive learning analytics approaches that better educational data systems are just beginning to make possible. Dr. Pusic is a co-investigator on NYU’s “Accelerating Change in Medical Education” grant, funded by the American Medical Association and leads a U.S. Dept of Defense Grant entitled “An Adaptive Tutor for Improving Visual Diagnosis”.

Dr. Pusic obtained his medical degree from the University of British Columbia, a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at McGill, and his PhD in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University. He is a member of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Sub-Board of the American Board of Pediatrics as well as the Education Science Sub-Committee of the American Heart Association.