The Elentra Engage Planning Committee is excited to announce that we’re expanding on the idea of a Hackathon and opening it up to all community members!

Sign up deadline extended!

Sign up before August 12th 2022. Groups will be assigned by August 19th 2022.

Learning Event Resource Integration with is a free resource for medical school students and practicing physicians to learn and review the fundamentals of clinical medicine: The goal for this task is to easily allow faculty members to browse the available courses and learning modules, and link a online module as a resource on a learning event scheduled in Elentra. Faculty members or administrators must be able to add, edit, and delete “MedSkl Learning Modules” from the Admin > Manage Events > Event > Event Resources section. From a learner perspective, MedSkl Learning Modules should display in the appropriate Resources section of an event page and learners should be able to click on a title and be redirected to the module. Administrators accessing the event page should be able to view how many times the resource has been accessed and by whom. A REST API is available, and returns JSON:
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Idea Jam at Elentra Engage 2022

This year we will be hosting an Idea Jam. This is an opportunity for community members from different schools to get together to hash out an idea.

What’s an Idea Jam?
An Idea Jam gives space for community members to get together and work on a problem in Elentra ME. Once your team identifies a problem, you’ll work together on creating a solution which you will present at the Elentra Engage Conference.

Who can join?
Anyone! If you’re involved with Elentra and have ideas you’d like to share, we want you to join the Idea Jam!

Where’s this happening?
You will be assigned to a group before the conference. Ideally you’ll meet before the conference, but if you’d like to meet up at the conference, it’s up to you!

When’s this happening?
Participants who sign-up will be assigned to a group based on different roles e.g. Product Managers, UI Experts, Business Analysts, Developers etc. Everyone is welcome to join in. Teams will be made up of people from different schools to help change up your perspective on Elentra ME.


Phase 1
  • Get matched with your Idea Jam teammates.
Phase 2
  • Work with your team to develop a prototype. We hope team members will be able to contribute 1-2 hours a week.
  • Prepare a presentation for the Elentra Engage conference.
Phase 3
  • Following the presentations, community members will vote on the presentation and prototype they liked based. The winner will walk away with a coveted Idea Jam prize!

Need help getting started?

The Core Team is here to help! Reach out and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Here are some easy to use tools:

Good Luck!