In the event you are no longer able to attend the Elentra Engage conference 2022, you may transfer your registration to a colleague at your institution. In the event no one else at your institution can attend, your conference credit may be transferred to the 2023 conference. Your credit will qualify for equal, or lesser amount.

Elentra Engage is an event sponsored and supported by Queen’s University and Kaiser Permanente as such, attendees must adhere to the health and safety regulations of both universities. We will provide updates on health and safety requirements as we get closer to the conference. For now this year’s conference, attendees must at a minimum:

Be fully vaccinated. (Fully vaccinated means have two doses of a COVID 19 vaccine at least 14 days before September 22nd 2022.)

Masking will be strongly encouraged throughout the conference space, with the expectation of eating, or drinking. Appropriately worn masks reduce the spread of COVID-19 – particularly given the evidence of pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19.