Elentra Community MVP Awards

Have you worked with someone that’s really gone above and beyond? Is there someone in our community you feel deserves an award for all their hard work? If so, this is your opportunity to acknowledge them by nominating them for an Elentra MVP award! This year, there are four categories, and you can read all about them below.

Award Categories

MVP Developer This individual has made consistent contributions to Elentra through high quality pull requests, well documented bugs/stories/tasks, demonstrated collaboration with others, and a helpful approach on the developer channel. This person’s contributions have helped to enhance the Elentra community.

MVP Staff This individual has made consistent contributions to Elentra through ongoing feedback and communication with the core team or other schools, constructive brainstorming (ie: requirements and/or potential solutions), well documented issues, and demonstrated willingness to help others. This person’s contributions have helped to enhance the Elentra community.

MVP Faculty This individual has made meaningful contributions to Elentra by championing it at their school, representing Elentra to other institutions, providing helpful feedback regarding the platform, and participating in consortium calls, sprint retrospectives and Slack conversations.

MVP Community Participant This individual is an outstanding community member. They have contributed more than what is expected in their role to ensure Elentra is a success at their institution and beyond.

Nominating Process

Any staff or faculty member from an Elentra Consortium or Elentra Corp school, and members of the Elentra Core or Elentra Corp team may nominate someone for an award. Individuals may nominate people from their own or another institution and may nominate themselves if they choose to. There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual may make and Elentra Consortium and Elentra Corp participants may co-author a nomination.

Elentra Core and Elentra Corp team members cannot be nominated for Elentra Community MVP Awards.

Nominations for 2022 awards are due to the Elentra Engage planning committee by September 9, 2022.

Selection Committee

Award recipients will be selected from a pool of nominees put forward by the Elentra community. The selection will be made by a subgroup of the Elentra Engage planning committee.

Announcement of Awards

Award recipients will be announced at the Elentra Engage conference and their names and organisations, with permission, will be posted to the Elentra Consortium and Elentra Corp websites. Additionally, award recipients and their supervisor (if applicable) will be notified via email of the award after the conference.